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3- The printing press

When the plate is inked and the paper dampened to pull a series of prints from a plate, a template has to be created so as to guarantee the same plate position onto the paper throughout the printing process of the series. On top of this template the inked plate is placed with the image facing upwards and it is covered with dampened paper so that printing may start. This takes place under a strong pressure applied by a hand press especially designed for engraving purposes. (IMATGE bosse2.jpg). This press consists of two cylinders on top of each other, between which a metal sheet is inserted that transports the printing plate and paper under pressure. Both cylinders and metal sheet are the same width and driven with a winch connected to a set of reducing wheels. The inked plate with the paper is placed on the metal sheet and the winch is swivelled so that the bottom cylinder moves the sheet through the press.

As the plate and paper slide under the upper cylinder, the paper --while being protected by felt-- receives linear pressure so that it establishes close contact with the plate and slowly absorbs the ink, which leaves the image imprinted.

In the end all incisions on the metal plate are put into relief on the paper while the image is mirrored from the printing plate.


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